As causas da decadência

“The moral state of the clergy is critical, and the current situation is “comparable to that of the 11th and 12th century”, explained Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, a renowned historian and co-signatory of the 2016 Dubia in answer to Amoris Laetitia.”

(…) “Mutatis mutandis, the present situation offers serious similarities to the past, except that today, Rome has taken too long to react. In particular, the supreme authority allowed scandalous or outright heretical authors to publish their works and teach in the pontifical universities.”


“We might add that the moral decadence is not only due to the – undeniable –influence of this world, for which Our Lord refused to pray because Satan is its prince. It is also a result of the warping of minds, the impossible marriage between the true and the false, good and evil. It is the consequence of moral laxism, the insufficiency of the modern catechism, and weak preaching. The Christian people has lost its sense of beauty, truth and goodness, and therefore its horror for sin, vice and error. “

“The root of this state of affairs is none other than the fifty-year-old crisis of the Faith in the Church. The reforms implemented in the name of Vatican Council II are not without their responsibility in all of this.”

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